Digital circuit testing and testability


Digital circuit testing and testability

Parag K. Lala

Academic Press, c1997

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Includes bibliographical references and index



In the past few years, reliable hardware system design has become increasingly important in the computer industry. Digital Circuit Testing and Testability is an easy to use introduction to the practices and techniques in this field. Parag K. Lala writes in a user-friendly and tutorial style, making the book easy to read, even for the newcomer to fault-tolerant system design. Each informative chapter is self-contained, with little or no previous knowledge of a topic assumed. Extensive references follow each chapter, making further research in a particular area readily available. Each chapter covers a different aspect or technological component of fault-tolerant system design, and this book is an excellent compilation of up-to-date information in an area where such a book is needed.


Faults in Digital Circuits: Failures and Faults. Modeling of Faults. Temporary Faults. Test Generation for Combinational Logic Circuits: Fault Diagnosis of Digital Circuits. Test Generation Techniques for Combinatorial Circuits. Multiple Fault Detection in Combinational Logic Circuits. Testable Combinational Logic Circuit Design: The Reed-Muller Expansion Technique. Three Level OR-AND-OR Design. Automatic Synthesis of Testable Logic. Testable Design of Multi-Level Combinational Circuits. Synthesis of Random Pattern Testable Combinational Circuits. Path Delay Fault Testable Combinational Logic Design. Testable PLA Design. Test Generation for Sequential Circuits: Testing of Sequential Circuits as IterativeCombinational Circuits. State Table Verification. Test Generation Based on Circuit Structure. Functional Fault Models. Test Generation Based on Functional Fault Models. Design of Testable Sequential Circuits: Controllability and Observability. Ad hoc Design Rules for Improving Testability. Design of Diagnosable Sequential Circuits. The Scan-Path Technique for Testable Sequential Circuit Design. Level-Sensitive Scan Design (LSSD). Random Access Scan Technique. Partial Scan. Testable Sequential Circuit Design Using Non-Scan Techniques. Cross Check. Boundary Scan. Built-In Self Test: Test Pattern for BIST. Output Response Analysis. Circular BIST. BIST Architecture. Testable Memory Design: RAM Fault Models. Test Algorithms for RAMs. Detection of Pattern Sensitive Faults. BIST Techniques for RAM Chips. Test Generation and BIST for Embedded RAMs. Subject Index.

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