In history and in education : essays presented to Peter Gordon


In history and in education : essays presented to Peter Gordon

edited by Richard Aldrich

Woburn Press, 1996

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"Publications of Peter Gordon": p. [235]-239

Includes bibliographical references and index



This tribute from historian and educationists to the work and influence of Peter Gordon, Emeritus Professor at the Institute of Education in London, is grouped round the central theme of the educational history of the 19th and 20th centuries.


1. Time, place and the social space of a Victorian teaching family, William E. Marsden 2. Changing attitudes to the welfare of elementary schoolchidren in the 1800s, Pamela Horn 3. Authority and freedom - John Henry Newman and the formation of youth, V. Alan McClelland 4. Classics in the colonies - conflict at the University of Melbourne in the 1850s, R.J.W. Selleck. 5. Personalities and policy - Sadler, Morand and the structure of education in England, Roy Lowe 6. Educating the public - Tawney, the "Manchester Guardian" and educational reform, Gary McCullock 7. An essay in missing out - technical education in the shadow of World War II, P.H.J.H. Gosden 8. Education and the moot, William Taylor 9. External examining in higher education - a secret history, Harold Silver 9. Changes in assessment in England, 1979-94, Denis Lawton 10. Publications of Peter Gordon.

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