The God of Spinoza : a philosophical study


The God of Spinoza : a philosophical study

Richard Mason

Cambridge University Press, 1997

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 261-268) and index



This book is the fullest study in English for many years on the role of God in Spinoza's philosophy. Spinoza has been called both a 'God-intoxicated man' and an atheist, both a pioneer of secular Judaism and a bitter critic of religion. He was born a Jew but chose to live outside any religious community. He was deeply engaged both in traditional Hebrew learning and in contemporary physical science. He identified God with nature or substance: a theme which runs through his work, enabling him to naturalise religion but - equally important - to divinise nature. He emerges not as a rationalist precursor of the Enlightenment but as a thinker of the highest importance in his own right, both in philosophy and in religion.


  • Part I. The God of the Philosophers: 1. How God exists
  • 2. How God acts
  • 3. God and doubt
  • Part II. The God of Abraham, of Isaac and of Jacob: 4. Final causes
  • 5. Hope and fear
  • 6. The meaning of revelation
  • 7. History
  • Part III. The God of Spinoza: 8. Choosing a religion
  • 9. The figure of Christ
  • 10. Understanding eternity
  • 11. Why Spinoza?

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