Interpreting the prophetic tradition


Interpreting the prophetic tradition

Introd. by Harry M. Orlinsky

(The Goldenson lectures, 1955-1966)(Library of Biblical studies)

Hebrew Union College Press , Ktav Pub. House, 1969

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Includes bibliographical references and index


  • "Of a truth the Lord hath sent me": an inquiry into the source of the prophet's authority, by S. H. Blank
  • The prophets: our concurrence and our dissent, by A. Cronbach
  • The prophet in modern Hebrew literature, by J. B. Agus
  • Prophets and philosophers: the scandal of prophecy, by L. H. Silberman
  • The voice of prophecy in this satellite age, by E. F. Magnin
  • The stone which the modern builders rejected, by L. A. Olan
  • Samuel and the beginnings of the prophetic movement, by W. F. Albright
  • Prophetic religion in an age of revolution, by L. I. Feuer
  • The prophetic criticism of Israelite worship, by J. P. Hyatt
  • The so-called "suffering servant" in Isaiah 53, by H. M. Orlinsky
  • Jerusalem and the prophets, by R. De Vaux
  • The changing image of the prophet in Jewish thought, by B. J. Bamberger

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