Queens and queenship in medieval Europe : proceedings of a conference held at King's College London, April 1995


Queens and queenship in medieval Europe : proceedings of a conference held at King's College London, April 1995

edited by Anne J. Duggan

Boydell, 1997

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Includes bibliographical references and index



The image, status and function of queens and empresses, regnant and consort, in kingdoms stretching from England to Jerusalem in the European middle ages, are here under scrutiny. The studies confront many of the central issues relating to women's authority and power in medieval societies and raise questions about the perception of women rulers in contemporary records (and modern historical writing). Did queens exercise real or counterfeit power? Did the promotion of the cult of the Virgin enhance or restrict their sphere of action? Is it time to revise the early feminist view of women as victims? Important papers on Emma of England, Margaret of Scotland, coronation and burial ritual, Byzantine empresses and Scandinavian queens, among others, clearly indicate that a reassessment of `women's work' and of the role of women in the world of medieval dynastic politics is under way. Contributors: JANOS BAK, GEORGE CONKLIN, PAUL CROSSLEY, VOLKER HONEMANN, STEINAR IMSEN, LIZ JAMES,KURT-ULRICH JASCHKE, SARAH LAMBERT, JANET L. NELSON, JOHN C. PARSONS, KAREN PRATT, DION SMYTHE, PAULINE STAFFORD, MARY STROLL, VALERIE WALL, ELIZABETH WARD, DIANA WEBB.


`The Empress Judith and Carolingian Queenship'. - Elizabeth Ward `The Politics of Succession in the Latin East, 1100-1197'. - `Early Rituals of Queen-Making and the Making of Queenship'. - - Introduction - Anne J. Duggan Emma: the powers of the queen in the eleventh century - Pauline Stafford Queen Margaret of Scotland (1070-1093): burying the past, enshrining the future - Valerie Wall Ingeborg of Denmark, Queen of France, 1193-1223 - George Conklin Late medieval Scandinavian Queenship - Steinar Imsen From famous empresses to unspectacular queens: the Romano-German empire to Margaret of Brabant, Countess of Luxemburg and Queen of the Romans (d. 1311)the Romans (d. 1311) - Kurt-Ulrich Jaschke A medieval queen and her stepdaughter: Agnes and Elizabeth of Hungary - Volker Honemann Goddess, whore, wife or slave? Will the real byzantine empress please stand up? - Liz James Behind the mask: empresses and empire in middle byzantium'. - Dion Smythe Queen or consort: rulership and politics in the latin east 1118-1228 - Sarah Lambert Maria Regina: papal symbol - Mary Stroll Queen and patron - Diana Webb Queens as scapegoats in medieval Hungary - Janos Bak The image of the queen in old French literature - Karen Pratt The architecture of queenship: royal saints, female dynasties and the spread of gothic architecture in central Europe - Paul Crossley Early medieval rites of queen-making and the shaping of medieval queenship - Janet L Nelson `Never was a body buried in England with such solemnity and honour': the burials and posthumous commemorations of english queens to 1500queens to 1500 - John C Parsons

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