U.S. presidential primaries and the caucus-convention system : a sourcebook


U.S. presidential primaries and the caucus-convention system : a sourcebook

James W. Davis

Greenwood Press, 1997


United States presidential primaries and the caucus-convention system

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Includes bibliographical references and index



In the past quarter century, presidential nominating contests have become as exciting as the presidential election. The mass media devote more time, space, and staff to cover the presidential primaries and Iowa caucuses than the general election itself. Each week from late February to early June, the TV networks headline these contests, expecially in the challenging party. The stakes are high, for the winner of these contests will invariably be the party nominee. This sourcebook provides the reader with a comprehensive and convenient resource for following and understanding the presidential primary and the three or four-tier caucus-convention system used throughout the 50 states to send delegates to the quadrennial national nominating conventions. Historical perspectives as well as precedents are documented. Statistical tables and a glossary of terms provide helpful tools for augmenting the reader's understanding.


Preface Presidential Nominations--American Style History of Presidential Nominations (1789-1968) Party Reform Presidential Primaries in the Post Reform Era (1972-1996) The Caucus-Convention System National Convention Delegate Selection Before and After McGovern-Frazer Reforms Who Are the Delegates? Nominating Strategies Nominating Finance Supreme Court Decisions and Presidential Nominations Primaries, Caucuses, and the Mass Media Primary Debates Polls and Primaries Voter Participation in Primaries and Caucuses Proposed National Primary Regional Primaries National Preprimary Convention Plan National Nominating Convention Presidential Nominations: The Perot Model Appendix A: 1992 and 1996 Republican and Democratic Primary Vote Appendix B: Glossary Selected Bibliography Index

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