Human resources management for public and nonprofit organizations


Human resources management for public and nonprofit organizations

Joan E. Pynes

(The Jossey-Bass public administration series)(Jossey-Bass nonprofit sector series)

Jossey-Bass, c1997

1st ed

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While there are many textbooks in personnel management, to date there have been none devoted to the nonprofit sector. Further, no book has addressed the use of strategic human resources management-the integration of human resources management with the strategic mission of the organization-in both public and nonprofit agencies. This groundbreaking work is the first to do both. Joan E. Pynes, a respected authority in public administration, demonstrates how strategic human resources management is essential to proactively managing change in an environment of tighter budgets, competition from private organizations, the need to maintain and train a more diverse workforce, and job obsolescence brought about by shifts in technology. She offers students and practitioners the guidance and techniques necessary to implement effective human resources management strategies in public and nonprofit organizations - from job analysis to performance evaluation, from recruitment and selection to training and development, from compensation and benefits to collective bargaining. Pynes also covers important but neglected topics such as recruiting and managing volunteers, working with a board of directors, and federal and state labor relations. Human Resources Management for Public and Nonprofit Organizations is an important resource for all involved in shaping, implementing, or studying human resources policies.


HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT IN CONTEXT. Human Resource Management in a Dynamic Environment. Strategic Human Resource Management and Planning. Managing a Diverse Workforce. Equal Employment Opportunity. METHODS AND FUNCTIONS OF HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT. Job Analysis. Recruitment and Selection in the Public and Nonprofit Sectors. Performance Evaluation. Compensation. Benefits. Training and Development. Collective Bargaining in the Public and Nonprofit Sectors. HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT CHALLENGES IN PUBLIC AND NONPROFIT ORGANIZATIONS. Volunteers in the Public and Nonprofit Sectors. Emerging Issues. Conclusion: Challenges for Public and Nonprofit Organizations.

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