Nutrition and cancer


Nutrition and cancer

K. Griffiths ... [et al.]

Isis Medical Media, 1996

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Written by a team consisting of epidemiologists, an oncologist, endocrinologist and clinical pharmacologists, this book provides a unique review of the relationship between nutrition and cancer. Topics discussed include geographical differences, aetological considerations, dietary supplementation studies, the biological effects of dietary constituents, antioxidants and cardiovascular disease and the effect of certain vitamins on specific cancers. The book is illustrated in full colour with 80 full colour line drawings, flow charts and diagrams. It is also exhaustively referenced, containing over 600 primary references. The book has a unique place in the literature and will appeal to a multi-disciplinary market interested in this extremely topical subject. FEATURES: Internationally respected team of writers; One of the hottest topics in medicine appealing to a large multidisciplinary audience; Full colour artwork, including illustrations, flow charts and algorithms; Exhaustive references on a diverse literature base, contains over 600 entries.


  • Some geographical differences in cancer and disease incidence rates
  • aetiological considerations regarding diet and cancer
  • some non-nutrient components of various diets
  • vitamins and antioxidants
  • possible effects of lignans and isoflavonoid phyto-oestrogens on the endocrine status of women
  • other potential effects of dietary diphenolics in relation to the pathogenesis of disease
  • dietary components and benign prostatic hyperplasia
  • carcinoma of hte prostate
  • other molecular events - effect of vitamin A and vitamin D
  • chemoprevention - the way forward.

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