The sociology of social problems


The sociology of social problems

Paul B. Horton ... [et al.]

Prentice Hall, c1997

12th ed

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Includes bibliographical references and indexes



For courses in Social Problems that use all three perspectives.This classic text uses current social problems to teach basic sociological principles as well as concepts specific to the different social topics. Well-balanced in approach, it uses three major sociological perspectives to analyze a wide variety of contemporary American social problems and research data - explaining the origin and existence of each social problem and indicating courses of action for changing social conditions and the personal sacrifices necessary to implement social change .


I. ORIENTATION TO THE STUDY OF SOCIAL PROBLEMS. 1. Why Study Social Problems? 2. Approaches to the Study of Social Problems. 3. The Interpretation of Data. II. MAJOR SOCIAL PROBLEMS IN THE UNITED STATES. 4. Vested Interest and Pressure Groups. 5. Crime. 6. Social Deviance. 7. Family and Generational Problems. 8. Religious Problems and Conflicts. 9. Education in an Age of Change. 10. Health and Medical Care. 11. Population Problems: Nation and World. 12. Urban and Rural Problems. 13. Racial Discrimination in the United States. 14. Ethnic and Other Minorities. 15. Poverty. 16. Civil Liberties in an Age of Turmoil. 17. Environmental and Social Policy. III. CONCLUSION AND FUTURE PROSPECTS. 18. Retrospect and Prospect. Phot Credits. Name Index. Subject Index.

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