Challenging environmental issues : Middle Eastern perspectives



Challenging environmental issues : Middle Eastern perspectives

edited by Joseph G. Jabbra and Nancy W. Jabbra

(International studies in sociology and social anthropology, v. 68)

Brill, 1997

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This volume is the result of the co-author's keen interest in better understanding the environmental problems faced by all countries in the Middle East. It is also the result of the co-authors' deep commitment to urge Middle Eastern citizens and their leaders to work together for better protection of their precious and fragile environment so that it may be saved for the enjoyment and safety of future generations. In the Middle East, geography and arid and simi-arid climatic conditions have led to a concentration of people in coastal zones and river valleys with acute water shortages, water and air pollution, increasing soil erosion, and intensifying desertification all creating serious environmental challenges. All these issues are addressed by eight leading scholars in eight chapters which include Jordan, Oman, Lebanon, Israel, Sudan, the Arabian Gulf, Iran, Syria. Contributors are Badria A. Al-Awadhi, Joseph G. Jabra, Nancy W. Jabra, Jamil E. Jreisat, Joseph A. Keckichian, Alon Tal, Rania Masri, Damazo Dut Majak, Gloria Ibrahim Saliba, and Seid M. Zekavat.


Challenging Environmental Issues: Middle Eastern Perspectives, Joseph G. Jabra and Nancy W. Jabra Environmental Management: The Will and the Way in Jordan, Jamil E. Jreisat Emerging Environmental Concerns: A Perspective from the Sultanate of Oman, Joseph A. Keckichian The State of the Environment in Iran, Seid M. Zekavat Environmental Challenges in Lebanon, Rania Masri An Imperiled Promised Land: The Antecedents of Israel's Environmental Crises and Prospects for Progress, Alon Tal Rape of Nature: The Environmental Destruction and Ethnic Cleansing of the Sudan, Damazo Dut Majak Regional Instruments for the Protection of the Marine Environment in the Arabian Gulf, Badria A. Al-Awadhi Managing Resources, Its Socioeconomic and Environmental Co9nsequences: The Case of Syria, Gloria Ibrahim Saliba Contributors

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