Surgical pathology of the ovaries


Surgical pathology of the ovaries

edited by Peter Russell, Annabelle Farnsworth

Churchill Livingstone, 1997

2nd ed

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Rev. ed. of: Surgical pathology of the ovaries / Peter Russell, Patricia Bannatyne

Includes bibliographical references and index



This text provides a diagnostic aid to the routine surgical pathologist in the assessment of morphological abnormalities of the ovary and covers the range of disease entities and anomalies with which the pathologist is likely to be confronted. The authors have concentrated on the gross morphological features and microscopic appearances useful in determining disease but have only covered background aetiologic, pathological and therapeutic correlates when these are of importance in establishing the diagnosis. The book features detailed description and illustration of developmental, dysfunctional, inflammatory, and degenerative disorders as well as neoplasms of the ovary. It should be of interest to histopathologists, surgical pathologists, gynaecological oncologists and endocrinologists.


SECTION 1 the FUNDAMENTALS: Embryology. Surgical Anatomy. Histology. Examination of the Ovarian Specimen. Ovarian Function and Its Laboratory Assessment SECTION 2 DYSGENESIS, DYSTOPIA and DYSFUNCTION: Anomalies of Ovarian Development and Descent. Dysgenesis. Ovarian Failure. Intersex. Ovarian Pathology and Pregnancy. Iatrogenic, Traumatic and Haemorrhagic Lesions. Dysfunctional Cysts. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. Stromal Hyperplasia and Hyperthecosis. Leydig Cell Hyperplasia. Massive Oedema and Fibromatosis. Adnexal Torsion SECTION 3 INFLAMMATORY LESIONS: Infectious Lesions. Non-Infectious Inflammatory Lesions SECTION 4 MULLERIANOSIS and SURFACE PROLIFERATIVE LESIONS: Mullerianosis and Reactive Mesothelial Lesions. Endometriosis SECTION 5 MULLERIAN EPITHELIAL and MESENCHYMAL TUMOURS: Introduction, Clinical Perspective and Principles of Management. Serous Tumours. Mucinous Tumours. Endometrioid Tumours. Mullerian Mesenchymal Tumours. Clear Cell Tumours. Transitional Cell (Brenner) Tumours. Mixed Epithelial Tumours. Undifferentiated Carcinomas. Unclassified and Miscellaneous Cysts and Tumours SECTION 6 SEX CORD-STROMAL TUMOURS: Introduction, Clinical Perspective and Principles of Management. Granulosa Cell Tumours. Thecoma-Fibroma Group of Tumours. Androblastomas. Gynandroblastomas. Sex Cord Tumours with Annular Tubules (SCTAT). Unclassified Sex Cord-Stromal Tumours. Steroid (Lipid) Cell Tumours SECTION 7 GERM CELL TUMOURS: Introduction, Clinical Perspective and Principles of Management. Dysgerminomas. Yolk Sac Tumours /Embryonal Carcinomas. Polyembryomas. Non-Gestational Choriocarcinomas. Teratomas. Mature. Teratomas. Immature. Teratomas with Secondary Malignant Transformation. Monodermal and Highly Specialised Teratomas. Malignant Mixed Germ Cell Tumours. Germ Cell-Sex Cord-Stromal Tumours (Gonadal Anlage Tumours") SECTION 8 MISCELLANEOUS and METASTATIC TUMOURS: Miscellaneous Mesenchymal Tumours. Tumours Metastatic to the Ovaries. Introduction, Metastases from the Female Genital Tract and Breasts. Metastatic

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