Sustainability and global environmental policy : new perspectives



Sustainability and global environmental policy : new perspectives

Andrew K. Dragun and Kristin M. Jakobsson [editors]

Edward Elgar Publ., c1997

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This important book explores the cutting edge of contemporary environmental policy. It examines key issues and proposes innovative strategies for environmental problems facing us in the twenty-first century. The authors argue that the current structure of human activity is not sustainable and that there is a need for fundamental change in the way the environment is perceived and how decisions affecting the environment are made. They address the subject of environmental policy from the perspective of sustainability and issues related to equity. Included in the discussion is an examination of agricultural sustainability and biodiversity, energy productivity, technological change, ecological sustainability and industrial competitiveness, environmental valuation and the role of international finance for environmental settlements. In conclusion the authors argue for greater social assessment in decision making, and a need to involve a wider population in the decision-making process emphasising democracy, transparency, fairness, reciprocity and community. Sustainability and Global Environmental Policy will be of interest to policymakers in government and non-government institutions and academics working in the fields of environmental and development studies.


Contents: 1. Introduction: New Environmental Policy Dimensions (A. Dragun and K. Jakobsson) 2. Reconciling Internal and External Policies for Sustainable Development (H. Daly) 3. Sustainability as the Basis of Environmental Policy (P. Ekins) 4. Biophysical and Objective Environmental Sustainability (R. Goodland) 5. Agricultural Sustainability and Conservation of Biodiversity: Competing Policies and Paradigms (C. Tisdell) 6. Energy Productivity and Sustainability in Swedish Agriculture - Some Evidence and Issues (H.-E. Uhlin) 7. Technological Change, Ecological Sustainability and Industrial Competiteveness (S. Faucheux) 8. Environmental Valuation: From the Point of View of Sustainability (M. O'Connor) 9. Environment, Equity and Welfare Economics (A. Dragun and K. Jakobsson) 10. Evaluation and Environmental Policies: Recent Behavioural Findings and Further Implications (J.L. Knetsch) 11. Tournament Incentives in Environmental Policy (J. Shogren and T. Hurley) 12. The Production of Biodiversity: Institutions and the Control of Land (I. Hodge) 13. Development and Global Finance: The Case for an International Bank for Environmental Settlements (G. Chichilnisky) 14. Dynamic Systems Modelling for Scoping and Consensus Building (R. Constanza and M. Ruth) 15. Conclusions: Future Horizons for Global Environmental Policy (A. Dragun and K. Jakobsson) Index

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