World fire : the culture of fire on earth


World fire : the culture of fire on earth

Stephen J. Pyne ; with a foreword by William Cronon ; and a new preface by the author

(Weyerhaeuser environmental books, . Cycle of fire)

University of Washington Press, 1997

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Originally published: New York : Holt, 1995

Includes bibliographical references and index



Back in PrintWorld Fire is the story of how fire and humans have coevolved. The two are inseparable, and together they have repeatedly remade the planet."Pyne considers the evolution of fire in such diverse regions as Australia, Africa, Brazil, Sweden, Greece, Iberia, Russia, and India and then ponders Antarctica, the land without fire. As he examines changing techniques for and attitudes toward fire control, Pyne challenges our concepts of nature and wilderness and explains why the study and management of fire have tremendous environmental, cultural, and political implications."-Booklist"A sweeping historical treatise that examines our world's love/hate relationship with conflagration. His engrossing ideas leave bright embers in the memory."-Outside


  • Foreword by William CrononPreface to the 1997 Paperback EditionSMOKE REPORTThe New World Order on FireSIZE-UPFirestick History
  • or, How to Set the World on FireHOTSPOTTINGFire Flume (Australia)Veld Fire (South Africa)Queimada Para Limpeza (Brazil)Svedjebruk (Sweden)Greek Fire (Greece)La Nueva Reconquista (Iberia)Red Skies of Irkutsk (Russia)Nataraja (India)White Darkness (Antarctica)CONTROLAmerican Fire-- Initial Attac: The U.S. Forest Service Fights Fire-- ColdtrailingWilderness Fire-- Vestal Fires and Virgin Lands-- The SUmmer We Let Wild Fire LooseIntermix Fire-- The Fire This Time-- Nouvelle SouthwestMOP-UPConsumed by Either Fire or FireAFTER THE LAST SMOKEFlame and FortuneNotes and Additional ReadingIndexIllustration sources and credits

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