Lay by your needles ladies, take the pen : writing women in England, 1500-1700



Lay by your needles ladies, take the pen : writing women in England, 1500-1700

edited by Suzanne Trill, Kate Chedgzoy, Melanie Osborne

Arnold , Distributed exclusively in the USA by St. Martin's Press, 1997

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Includes bibliographical references (p. [291]-299)



Throughout the literature of the Renaissance there is a continuing debate about women's relationship to both the needle and the pen. There is a widely-held assumption that women only began to write in the 19th century. This anthology contains long extracts from 50 early modern texts, including letters and other manuscript material, prophetic texts, practical books and petitions, as well as the more widely recognized genres of prose fiction and autobiography. The women writers themselves represent a range of different social, religious and political positions. Texts by male writers are also included to promote "a gendered poetics that rereads men's texts in the weave of women's". The result is an introduction to women's writing in the Renaissance that encourages the exploration of the differences between women.


  • Texts: Richard Hyrde, trans., J.L. Vives
  • The instructions of a christen woman (1529)
  • Lady Ann Cooke-Bacon, trans., Fouretene sermons of Barnadine Ochyne (1550)
  • Joh Knox, The first blast of the trumpet against monstrous regiment of women (1958)
  • Margaret Tyler, trnas., D. Ortunez de Calaharra, The mirrour of princeply deedes and knighthood (1578)
  • Thomas Salter, The mirrhor of modestie (1579)
  • Anne Wheathill, A handfull of holesome (though homelie) hearbs (1584)
  • Philip Stubbes, A christal glasse, for christian women (1591
  • Lady Mary Sidney, Countess of Pembroke, trans., Phillipe de Mornay, A discourse of life and death (1592)
  • Lady Margaret Hoby, diary (1570-1617
  • Maria Thynne, letters (1604-1607)
  • Joseph Swetnam, The arraignment of Lewd, Iddle, Froward and unconstant women (1615)
  • Rachel Speght, A Mouzell for Melastomus (1617)
  • Ester Soernam, Ester hath hang'd Haman (1617)
  • Lady Mary Wroth, The Countesse of Montgomeries Urania (1621)
  • Dorothy Leigh, The mothers blessing (1621)
  • William Gouge, Of domesticall duties (1622)
  • Lady Clinton, The Countesse of Lincolnes Nursurie (1622)
  • C.F., trans., Richard Smith, The life of ...L.A. Magdalen Viscountess Montague (1627)
  • Susan du Verger, trans., John Peter Camus, Bp. of Belley, Admirable events (1639)
  • Anon., The mid-wives just petition (1642)
  • Lady Brilliana Harley, letters (1642-3)
  • Lady Elenor Davies, Lady Elenor Davies her appeal (1646)
  • Thomas Edwards, The first and second part of gangraena (1646). (Part contents).

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