Perspectives on Welfare : the experience of minority ethnic groups in Scotland



Perspectives on Welfare : the experience of minority ethnic groups in Scotland

edited by Alison Bowers, Duncan Sim

(Research in ethnic relations series)

Ashgate, c1997

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Includes bibliographical reference (p. 216-235) and index



The editors of this volume argue, on the basis of research, that progress, albeit slow, is being made in the development of health and social care services for clients from minority ethnic groups within Scotland. They also maintain that it is the responsibility of researchers to continue their work so as to increase the momentum for change under continuous scrutiny.


  • The changing policy context, Alsion Bowes and Duncan Sims
  • the demography of minority ethnic groups in Scotland, Nick Bailey, Alison Bowes and Duncan Sims
  • Pakistanis and social rented housing - a study in Glasgow, Alison Bowes, Naira Dar and Duncan Sims
  • the housing experience of minority ethnic groups in Scotland, Hilary Third and Martin MacEwen
  • the housing needs of older people from minority ethnic groups, Helen Carlin
  • the social work services and elderly Pakistani people, Alison Bowes and Naira Dar
  • a neglected problem - minority ethnic elders with dementia, Irene Anderson and Julie Brownlie
  • minority ethnic elders in Scotland - facing the challenge, Mona Chakrabarti
  • "No one has asked us before" - the welfare needs of minority ethnic carers of older people in Lothian, Gina Netto
  • Pakistani women, general practitioners, and health visitors - communication and service access, Alison Bowes and Teresa Meehan Domokos
  • South Asian women's access to cervical cytology, Sheila Paul
  • understanding depression in young South Asian women in Scotland, Eddie Donaghy
  • conclusion - minority ethnic groups and health and social care, Alison Bowes and Duncan Sims.

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