Soils and sediments : mineralogy and geochemistry


Soils and sediments : mineralogy and geochemistry

Hélène Paquet, Norbert Clauer

Springer, 1997

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"A book dedicated to Georges Millot."

Includes bibliographical references and index



Clays and soils are of great importance in various scientific fields, such as agriculture and environmental science, and in mineral deposits. Students and close collaborators of Georges Millot, the eminent French clay sedimentologist, have put together a book with topics ranging from weathering processes and diagenetic evalution of sediments to sedimentary mineral deposits. The book is of interest to practitioners, advanced students as well as teachers in the above fields.


  • From the contents: Clay Minerals in Weathered Rock Materials and in Soils
  • Calcareous Epigenetic Replacement ("Epigenic") in Soils and Calcrete Formation
  • Laterites and Bauxites
  • Geochemical Processes in Tropical Landscapes: Role of the Soil Covers
  • Evolution of Lateritic Manganese Deposits
  • The Lateritic Nickel-Ore Deposits
  • The Behavior of Gold in the Lateritic Alterosphere
  • Comparative Ecology of Two Semi-Arid Regions: the Brazilian Sertao and the African Sahel
  • Importance of the Pore Structures During the Weathering Process of Stones in Monuments
  • Continental Silicifications: A Review
  • Clay Minerals, Paleoweathering, Paleolandscapes and Climatic Sequences: The Paleogene Continental Deposits in France
  • On the Genesis of Sedimentary Apatite and Phosphate-Rich Sediments
  • Clay Mineral Sedimentation in the Ocean
  • Revisited Isotopic Dating Methods of Sdimentary Minerals for Stratigraphic Purpose
  • Concomitant Alteration of Clay Minerals and Organic Matter During Burial Diagenesis.

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