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Governing boards : their nature and nurture

Cyril O. Houle

(The Jossey-Bass public administration series)(Jossey-Bass nonprofit sector series)(The Jossey-Bass management series)

Jossey-Bass, c1997

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Bibliography: p. 185-193

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A Publication of the National Center for Nonprofit Boards Should be required reading for every new board member. - NonProfit TimesShows how to handle the challenges facing board members, including board organization, procedures, accountability, and more!

Table of Contents

Foreword by Nancy R. Axelrod. 1. How to Think About a Board. 2. The Human Potential of a Board. 3. The Structure of the Board. 4. The Board, the Executive, and the Staff. 5. The Operations of the Board. 6. The External Relationships of the Board. Appendix A: How Many Governing Boards Are There? Appendix B: Keep Absolutely and Serenely Good Humored. Appendix C: A Rating Scale for Boards. Appendix D: From Outer Space to Inner Control.

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