Airline finance


Airline finance

Peter S. Morrell

Ashgate, c1997

大学図書館所蔵 件 / 6



Bibliography: p. 201-203

Includes index



Descriptions of the industry's financial trends, analysis of a specific airline's financial statements, explanation of the consequences of airline privatization, outlines of the industry's sources of finance, applications of the key techniques of financial analysis...the author believes he offers here a broad understanding to all areas of airline finance. He provides examples based solely on the air transport industry, thus hoping to clearly explain some of the quirks that frequent it. As each chapter and topic may be consulted separately, the reader may use the book as a reference work. Conversely, links between the various subjects have been highlighted in order to give the option of cohesion. For example, a chapter on the valuation of take-off and landing slots is connected to one on airline privatization. Aiming to provide a broad understanding of all areas of airline finance, this book is geared to satisfy both those already in the industry yet without financial background, as well as newcomers to the industry who have some knowledge of finance.

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