Against the tide : women reformers in American society


    • Cimbala, Paul A. (Paul Alan)
    • Miller, Randall M.


Against the tide : women reformers in American society

edited by Paul A. Cimbala and Randall M. Miller

Praeger, 1997

  • : pbk


American reform and reformers

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Rev. ed. of: American reform and reformers, 1996

Includes bibliographical references and index



Against the Tide is a collection of in-depth biographical essays on the most important women reformers in American history. This reader will be useful in any history course that deals with the important contributions made by women to the development of our government and society from the early republic to today. The volume combines scholarly vitality with readability, making it appropriate for all levels of students.


Preface Introduction Catherine Beecher and Domestic Relations by Kathleen Berkeley Mary Ann Shad Carey and Black Abolitionism by Paul A. Cimbala Elizabeth Cady Stanton and the Women's Rights Movement by Ann D. Gordon Dorothea Dix and Mental Health Reform by Elisabeth Lasch-Quinn Frances Willard and Temperance by Ian R. Tyrrell Jane Addams and the Settlement House Movement by Louise W. Knight Ida Wells-Barnett and the African-American Anti-Lynching Campaign by Lindo O. McMurry Jessie Daniel Ames and the White Women's Anti-Lynching Campaign by Robert F. Martin Margaret Sanger and the Birth Control Movement by Ellen Chesler Dorothy Day and the American Catholic Worker Movement by Anne Klejment Betty Friedan and the National Organization for Women by Barbara McGowan Select Bibliography on Women and Reform Index

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