Groundbreakers : the key 100 growth companies in the UK


    • Nightingale MultiMedia


Groundbreakers : the key 100 growth companies in the UK

Nightingale MultiMedia

Wiley, c1998

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Includes bibliographical references and index



Growth business is the most dynamic sector of the economy. Rapidly expanding companies demonstrate the ingenuity, flexibility and energy which are the foundation of flourishing new market sectors. These are the blue chip companies of tomorrow, capable of taking on the world. Nightingale MultiMedia with the help of growth company broker Beeson Gregory, the Innovation Unit of the Department of Trade and Industry and senior financial journalists has identified the most exciting growth companies in Britain. These key companies are defined as groundbreakers in their particular field, who have done something different in the marketplace, and who have been identified as having the most potential for growth. In 100 in--depth case studies, Groundbreakers analyses the constituent elements of the success of these impressive and significant new enterprises. What are the factors which make these companies distinctive? Why will they be key contributors to the economic environment of the future? This comprehensive report examines the leading new operators across the entire spectrum of British industry and shows how they will influence the development of UK and global business.


Partial table of contents: Listing Options for Growth Business. AES Engineering Ltd. Bluebird Toys plc. The Brockbank Group plc. Card Clear plc. Chernikeeff Group. Cortecs International. Demon Internet Ltd. Hozelock Ltd. Inspec. Morse Group. Probe Entertainment Ltd. Shield Diagnostics. Stalbridge Linen Services Ltd. Index by Sector.

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