South Africa's defence and security into the 21st century


    • Gutteridge, William Frank


South Africa's defence and security into the 21st century

edited by William Gutteridge

Dartmouth, c1996

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Includes bibliographical references and index



This work is the culmination of a three-year project on the subject of South Africa's defence and security forces in the post-apartheid period. The project was made possible by a series of grants by the Dulverton Trust. The book contains papers based on interviews with key South Africans who have been actively involved in the developments within their country. As this book reflects, this is not the end of the story as far as the new South Africa's defence and security forces are concerned. Many issues still remain to be resolved and new ones are emerging.


  • The transformation of the South African military, William Gutteridge
  • role and character of the SANDF - changing attitudes in the security establishment, William Gutteridge
  • a ministry of defence for the new South Africa - lessons from past experience, Deon Fourie
  • South African crisscrosses the nuclear threshold, Marie Muller
  • the Katorus Task group - a case study, Jan van Loggerenberg
  • challenges for the South African intelligence community, Shaun McCarthy
  • civil-military relations in the new South Africa, Laurie Nathan
  • high technology and the SANDF, Jan van Loggerenberg
  • the future of South Africa's defence industry - the government's perspective, Ronnie Kasrils, regional security integration and co-operation, Pierre D. Steyn
  • South Africa's future military role in Africa, Greg Mills
  • South Afirca's continuing defence dilemmas, William Gutteridge.

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