Dissent and marginality : essays on the borders of literature and religion


    • Tsuchiya, Kiyoshi


Dissent and marginality : essays on the borders of literature and religion

edited by Kiyoshi Tsuchiya

(Studies in literature and religion)

Macmillan Press , St. Martin's Press, 1997

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Includes bibliographical references and index



Twelve essays responding to the proposed title, 'Dissent and Marginality', each with a specific perspective and a solid research are brought together here. The collection incorporates the historical and contemporary dimensions, tracing back religious, philosophical or social dissent in our history and addressing the issue of race, gender, sexuality and other form of marginalization of our postmodern times. It offers a train of fine reading to theologians, literary, cultural or social critics and historians.


  • General Editor's Preface - Notes on Contributors - Figuring Trouble: Elijah's Marginality and an Interpreter's Dilemma
  • J.W.Tarlin - The Kierkegaard Brothers: Contrary Responses to Ecclesial Teaching and Authority
  • D.A.Hart - Friends on the Fringe: A Further Assessment of Nude Prophesying in Early Quakerism
  • J.Tual - The Apocalypse of the Spirit
  • T.J.J.Altizer - 'Outing' the Hidden Other: Stranger-Woman in the Work of Toni Morrison
  • S.G.Cumings - Double Marginality and Compassion: Literary Response to AIDS and the Name of Love
  • S.Happel - 'When Egypt's slain, I say, let Miriam sing!': Women, Dissent and Marginality
  • E.Jay - Boundaries and Marginality in Willa Cather's Frontier Fiction
  • C.Ostwalt - Centre Shouts and Peripheral Echoes: Reading Literature for Voices of Choice and Change
  • M.Ledbetter - Excessive Children: Textual Filiation and the Command of the Other
  • D.C.Teel - 'A Tree, of Mar, One': The Child on the Margins of Byatt's Gardens
  • J.S.Fountain - Travel as Metaphor: Unmargined Realities
  • I.Hassan - Index

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