The responsive university : restructuring for high performance


The responsive university : restructuring for high performance

edited by William G. Tierney

Johns Hopkins University Press, 1998

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Includes bibliographical references and index



This volume brings together a group of practitioners and scholars to describe how colleges and universities might respond more effectively to changing social, demographic and political forces. In each chapter, the contributors diagnose a specific problem and show how solutions can be found by reorienting basic work structures and designing more nimble, creative organizations. Their goal is to encourage systemic change throughout the academy, rather than in one or another segment. The changes they propose in areas such as management, marketing and assessment are intended to be far-reaching and, at the same time, practical, real-world solutions for achieving high performance in colleges and universities.


  • Listening to the people we serve, Ellen Earle Chaffee
  • tenure is dead, long live tenure, William G. Tierney
  • forming new social partnerships, Larry A. Braskamp and Jon F. Wergin
  • the implications of the changed environment for governance in higher education, Roger Benjamin and Steve Carroll
  • achieving academic high performance - the policy dimension, Peter T. Ewell.

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