Electronics fundamentals : circuits, devices, and applications


Electronics fundamentals : circuits, devices, and applications

Thomas L. Floyd

Prentice Hall, c1998

4th ed

  • : hardcover

大学図書館所蔵 件 / 4



Includes index



The fourth edition of this work provides optional computer analysis exercises in selected examples, troubleshooting selections and "Applications Assignments". It uses straigtforward explanations and limits mathematics to only what is needed for understanding electric circuits fundamentals and the type of electronic devices and applications students are likely to encounter on the job. The book provides coverage of measurement, with measurement instruments discussed in the chapter where their usage is introduced.


  • Part 1 DC circuits: components, quantities and units
  • voltage, current and resistance
  • Ohm's law, energy and power
  • series circuits
  • parallel circuits
  • series-parallel circuits
  • magnetism and electromagnetism. Part 2 AC circuits: introduction to alternating current and voltage
  • capacitors
  • inductors
  • transformers
  • RC circuits
  • RL circuits
  • RLC circuits and resonance
  • pulse response of reactive circuits. Part 3 Devices: introduction to semiconductor devices
  • diodes and applications
  • transistors and thyristors
  • amplifiers and oscillators
  • operational amplifiers (Op-Amps)
  • basic applications of Op-Amps
  • appendices - A - tables of standard resistor values, B - circuit breadboarding and measurements, C - capacitor colour coding, D -devices data sheets
  • answers to self-tests
  • answers to odd-numbered problems.

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