Marketing issues in Pacific area tourism


Marketing issues in Pacific area tourism

John C. Crotts, Chris A. Ryan, editors

Haworth Press, c1997

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"Has also been published as Journal of travel & tourism marketing, volume 6, number 1, 1997"--T.p. verso

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Marketing Issues in Pacific Area Tourism exposes researchers, tourism professionals, and students to the complexities of marketing issues in the most dynamic region in world tourism today. Dispelling commonly held Western assumptions, inviting new research, and stressing the importance of tourism development in this area to the economics of world tourism, this book shows you how and why this region has experienced such tremendous growth. Some of the larger countries you learn about include China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, and Thailand. Since many of these countries are becoming not only generators of tourist demand but also new tourist receiving areas, this book covers both inbound and outbound markets.By discussing the opportunities and challenges facing tourism marketing professionals and researchers in the Pacific area, Marketing Issues in Pacific Area Tourism helps improve your effectiveness and understanding of conducting business in the Pacific region. Some of the factors you read about include: the increasing wealth and consumerism of a rapidly growing middle class in the Pacific area the relaxation of international travel restrictions how formerly insular governments of the region are awakening to the possibility of tourism. the potential impediments to sustainable tourism development in the regionMarketing Issues in Pacific Area Tourism also helps you improve survey design and interpretation by stressing the importance of understanding the heterogenous nature of Asian culture when analyzing tourist behavior and motivation. It provides a different perspective of Pacific Region tourism, concentrating on the clash of culture between those of the region and a dominant Western way of doing business. Another valuable feature of this book is the presentation of a continuing and improving database from which to assess destination performance and visitor characteristics--thus allowing researchers to further identify important marketing opportunities and issues.


Contents Introduction Korean Outbound Tourism: Pre-Visit Expectations of Australia Distinguishing Destination Choice of Pleasure Travelers from Taiwan Japanese Visitors to Guam: Lessons from Experience An Exploratory Study of Buyer-Seller Relationships in International Tourism: The Case of Japanese Wholesalers and Australian Suppliers Marketing Challenges and Opportunities Facing Indonesia Tourism Melanesians as Observers, Entrepreneurs, and Administrators of Tourism Pacific Area Tourism: A Guide to Key Sources of Tourism Statistics Reference Notes Included

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