Spratlys : the dispute in the South China Sea


Spratlys : the dispute in the South China Sea

Bob Catley, Makmur Keliat

Ashgate, 1997

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Southeast Asia is a region where territorial disputes between states are common. One of the most keenly disputed areas are the Spratly islands in the South China Sea. There are five major claimants to the various islands in the Spratlys - China, Vietnam, Taiwan, the Philippines, and Malaysia, the Sultan of Brunei also has a minor claim. These states all have different territorial possessions in the area, but even those islands that they occupy and control are often subject to dispute and contest. The question of sovereignty of the islands is even more controversial due to their strategic and economically important position, adjacent to Vietnam and extending almost as far as the Philippines in the South China Sea. This book aims to give a detailed description of the different perspectives adopted by claimants, scholars, and diplomats and the genesis and scope of the dispute. The historical background is traced, and an overview of the archaeological, legal and geopolitical dimensions is provided. Particular attention is given to the political importance of this dispute. The interests of the Association of South East Asian Nations, the USA, Russia and Japan, and their stakes in the dispute are explored.

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