T.R. Malthus : the unpublished papers in the collection of Kanto Gakuen University


T.R. Malthus : the unpublished papers in the collection of Kanto Gakuen University

edited by John Pullen and Trevor Hughes Parry

Cambridge University Press, 1997-2004

  • v. 1
  • v. 2

大学図書館所蔵 件 / 39


Introduction in English and Japanese (v. 1)

Vol. 1: Includes bibliographical references (p. xxii-xxiv)

Vol. 2: Includes bibliographical references (p. 303-321) and index



v. 1 ISBN 9780521581387


This volume comprises a collection of manuscripts by or relating to T. R. Malthus, recently discovered in the estate of a distant nephew, and previously unpublished. They consist of correspondence, sermons, essays and lecture notes on political economy and history. The manuscripts provide insights into Malthus' personal life - especially his relationships with his parents and his tutors. They also give details of the books he studied as a student, and suggest hitherto unknown influences on his intellectual development. They suggest a solution to the question of who or what influenced him to omit the controversial theological chapters from later editions of his Essay on Population, and his sermons present further evidence of his religious views. The manuscripts represent a remarkable discovery, more than 150 years after Malthus' death, of his correspondence and other unknown writings.


  • 1. Correspondence relating to Malthus's early years
  • 2. Correspondence relating to Malthus' years at Cambridge University
  • 3. Later family correspondence
  • 4. Themes from the Essay on Population
  • 5. Miscellaneous correspondence.

v. 2 ISBN 9780521588713


This is the second and final volume of manuscripts by or relating to Thomas Robert Malthus (1766-1834) that are now held at Kanto Gakuen University in Japan. Volume I contains 75 items of correspondence, while Volume II contains transcriptions of further original manuscripts, including: four of Malthus' sermons; his diary of a tour of the Lake District; an extensive set of calculations in the bullion trade, suggesting that he was giving serious thought to becoming a bullion trader on his own account; lecture notes on European history from the fifth to the tenth century; his wife's diary of their holiday in Scotland in 1826 and an essay on foreign trade. These previously unknown and unpublished manuscripts promise insights into his intellectual development and the events and circumstances of his life, as well as glimpses of the lifestyle of his wider family and contemporaries.


  • 1. Sermons
  • 2. Malthus' diary of a tour of the Lake District
  • 3. Bullion trade transactions
  • 4. An essay on foreign trade
  • 5. Essays and notes on Charles I and Mary, Queen of Scots
  • 6. Questions and answers on early European history
  • 7. Harriet Malthus' diary of a family tour of Scotland in 1826
  • 8. Letters to Harriet Malthus from her mother, Catherine Eckersall
  • 9. Eight brief miscellaneous items
  • Appendix A, B.

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