Aversive interpersonal behaviors


Aversive interpersonal behaviors

edited by Robin M. Kowalski

(The Plenum series in social/clinical psychology / series editor, C.R. Snyder)

Plenum Press, c1997

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Aversive behaviors have greater influence on social interactions than is generally acknowledged, determining personal satisfaction, interpersonal attraction, choice of partners, and the course of relationships. What motivates aversive behaviors? To what extent do they obtain desired outcomes? In what ways are they unnecessary and destructive? How do other people respond, emotionally and behaviorally? These are just a few of the many interesting questions addressed by the 16 respected researchers who contribute to Aversive Interpersonal Behaviors. Nine chapters give this heretofore neglected subject the attention it is due, probing a dark side of interpersonal relationships to understand both its destructive and adaptive nature.


  • The Underbelly of Social Interaction: Aversive Interpersonal Behaviors
  • R.M. Kowalski. We Always Hurt The Ones We Love: Aversive Interactions in Close Relationships
  • R.S. Miller. Making Someone Feel Guilty: Causes, Strategies, and Consequences
  • K.L. Sommer, R.F. Baumeister. Why Would Anyone Want to Intentionally Embarrass Me? W.F. Sharkey. Complaining What's All the Fuss About? R.M. Kowalski, J.R. Erickson. Blowhards, Snobs, and Narcissists: Interpersonal Reactions to Excessive Egotism
  • M.R. Leary, et al. Social Ostracism
  • K. Williams. Circuitous Harm: Determinants and Consequences of Nondirect Aggression
  • D.R. Richardson, L.R. Green. Social Allergens and the Reactions That They Produce: Escalations of Annoyance and Disgust in Love and Work
  • M.R. Cunningham, et al. Aversive Interpersonal Behaviors: An Overarching Framework
  • R.M. Kowalski. Index.

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