The laboratory guinea pig


    • Suckow, Mark A.
    • Terril, Lizabeth A.
    • Clemons, Donna J.


The laboratory guinea pig

Lizabeth A. Terril, Donna J. Clemons ; ed. by Mark A. Suckow

(The Laboratory animal pocket reference series)

CRC Press, c1998

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Includes bibliographical references and index



This guide was created especially for individuals performing research with guinea pigs in the laboratory. It completely covers all topics pertaining to the humane care of guinea pigs in the laboratory and provides quick, easy-to-use information for investigators, technicians, and animal caretakers. The book includes references to alternative procedures and methods and contains 47 figures. In addition, it offers possible sources and suppliers of animals, feed, sanitation supplies, cages, and research and veterinary supplies.


Important Biological Features: Introduction. Breeds. Behavior. Anatomical and Physiological Features. Normative Values.- Husbandry: Housing. Environmental Conditions. Environmental Enrichment. Nutrition. Sanitation. Transportation. Record Keeping. Breeding.- Management: Regulatory Agencies and Compliance. Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee. Guinea Pig Quality. Occupational Health and Zoonotic Diseases.- Veterinary Care: Basic Veterinary Supplies. Physical Examination. Common Clinical Problems. Treatment of Disease. Anesthesia and Analgesia. Aseptic Surgery. Euthanasia.- Experimental Methodology: Handling. Handling Devices. Administering Medicines and Compounds. Urine. Body Temperature. Endotracheal Intubation. Necropsy.- Resources: Organizations. Publications. Electronic Resources. Animal Sources. Feed. Equipment.- References.- Index.

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