Development and differentiation of the nervous system : 21st Seiriken Conference Okazaki, Japan, February 1996/ ed. by K. Ikenaka, K. Obata, F. Murakami



Development and differentiation of the nervous system : 21st Seiriken Conference Okazaki, Japan, February 1996/ ed. by K. Ikenaka, K. Obata, F. Murakami

Karger, c1997

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Reprint of `Developmental neuroscience'v. 19, no. 1, 1997



This publication focuses on how the diverse cell types of the vertebrate system are generated, how they migrate to their correct destination and how the precise neural connections are formed. The contributions originate from an international conference at which nearly 100 scientists came together to discuss the latest findings in this important research area. Many key molecules have been identified that determine the fate of cell lineage, the destination of neural migration, and the pathway for neurite elongation. The contents of this publication will add further to our understanding of the development and differentiation of the nervous system.


  • Signalling pathways that regulate specification of neurons in developing cerebral cortex, P. Levitt et al
  • intrinsic and extrinsic determinants regulating cell fate decision in developing nervous system, M. Okabe et al
  • the mathematics of neocortical neuronogenesis, T. Takahashi et al
  • regulation of voltage-gated ion channels during ascidian embryogenesis, Y. Okamura et al
  • regulation of sodium channel gene expression by transcriptional silencing, B.J.L. Eggen et al
  • NeuroD and neurogenesis, J.E. Lee
  • breaking the code - regulation of neuronal differentiation by spontaneous calcium transients, X. Gu et al
  • fate determination and migration of progenitors in the postnatal mammalian CNS, J.E. Goldman et al
  • GFAP gene expression during development of astrocyte, H. Baba et al
  • origins of spinal cord oligodendrocytes - possible developmental and evolutionary relationships with motor neurons, W.D. Richardson et al
  • regulation of myelin oligodendrocyte glycoprotein in different species throughout development, A.J. Slavin et al
  • NSE-"bcl-2" transgenic mice, a model system for studying neuronal death and survival, R. Bernard et al
  • roles for cadherins in patterning of the developing brain, M. Takeichi et al
  • patterns for gene expression in the neural plate and neural tube subdivide the embryonic forebrain into transverse and longitudinal domains, K. Shimamura et al
  • LIM-homeodomain gene family in neural development, A. Wanaka et al
  • function of a cell adhesion molecule, plaxin, in neuron network formation, H. Fujisawa et al
  • commitment of motoneuron progenitors of chick embryo along the anterior-posterior axis, H. Tanaka et al
  • intermediate zone and intermediate zone neurons - do IZ neurons act as pioneers for layer V neurons in rats?, N. Tamamaki et al
  • excitatory and tropic action of GABA and related substances in newborn mice and organotypic cerebellar culture, K. Obata.

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