The earliest English kings


The earliest English kings

D.P. Kirby

Routledge, 1992

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"Reprint. First published 1991 by Unwin Hyman"--T.p. verso




First published in 1990. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.


  • Abbreviations
  • Preface
  • Maps
  • The peoples and kingdoms of pre- Viking England
  • The 'Heptarchy'
  • The Tribal Hidage
  • Angles or Saxons?
  • Hierarchies of command: the Brytenwealda
  • The Problem of nomenclature
  • Notes
  • Early Kent
  • The reign of Aethelberht
  • The pagan reaction under Eadbald
  • The sequel
  • Notes
  • The early kings of the Western Saxons
  • Notes
  • The Anglian territories in the late sixth and early seventh centuries
  • The struggle for political and military leadership
  • Deirans and Bernicians
  • The wars with the Northern Britons: Notes
  • The northern Anglian hegemony in the seventh century
  • The Humbrian overlordship of Eadwine
  • Eadwine's British wars
  • The reign of Oswald
  • The battle of the Winwaed
  • The last phase of northern domination in southern England
  • Military recovery in North Britain under Oswiu and Ecgfrith
  • Ecclesiastical politics
  • Notes
  • The southumbrian Kingdoms from the mid-seventh to the mid-eighth century
  • The reign of Wulfhere
  • The ascendancy of Caedwalla and its aftermath
  • Reconstruction
  • The reign of Aethelbald
  • Notes
  • Northumbria in the eighth century
  • Notes
  • Offa
  • Notes
  • The Anglo-Saxon kingdoms in the first three-quarters of the ninth century
  • The Mercian successors of Offa
  • Ecgbert, King of Wessex
  • Northumbria
  • King Aethelwulf and his sons
  • Notes
  • The coming of the Vikings
  • Notes.

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