Conrad on film


Conrad on film

edited by Gene M. Moore

Cambridge University Press, 1997

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Filmography: p. 224-249

Bibliography: p. 250-259

Includes index



This book offers the first comprehensive, international survey of more than eighty films and videos based on the life and work of Joseph Conrad. Essays by leading film and literary scholars examine the films, both in the context of film history and technology, and in terms of the theoretical and practical problems facing directors - including Alfred Hitchcock, Orson Welles, Francis Ford Coppola and Andrzej Wajda - who have attempted to put Conrad on film. Conrad was the first major English author to adapt his work for the screen, and the story of his unpublished 'film-play' is told in an important chapter. The challenges of finding visual analogues for Conrad's narrative irony and filmic equivalents for his narrators are also examined. The volume is well illustrated and includes a detailed filmography and film bibliography, making it a landmark study of Conrad films and film adaptations in general.


  • List of illustrations
  • Notes on contributors
  • Acknowledgments
  • A note on texts and citations
  • In praise of infidelity: an introduction Gene M. Moore
  • 1. Conradian ironies and the Conrad films Wallace S. Watson
  • 2. Conrad's 'film-play' Gaspar the Strong Man Gene M. Moore
  • 3. The Secret Agent sabotaged? Avrom Fleishman
  • 4. The Woman Alone in Conrad and Hitchcock Lissa Schneider
  • 5. The seeing ear: the presence of radio in Welles's Heart of Darkness Robert Spadoni
  • 6. 'The Secret Sharer': film confronts story in Face to Face Warren French
  • 7. Colonialism and local color in Outcast of the Islands and Lord Jim Catherine Dawson and Gene M. Moore
  • 8. Cinematic fidelities in The Rover and The Duellists Allan Simmons
  • 9. Literature, painting, and film: Wajda's adaptation of The Shadow-Line Tadeusz Miczka
  • 10. The hollow heart of Hollywood: Apocalypse Now and the new sound space Thomas Elsaesser and Michael Wedel
  • 11. Evil in Eden: on Vadim Glowna's Des Teufels Paradies Herbert G. Klein
  • 12. The Secret Agent on the small screen Ted Billy
  • 13. 2 1/2 film versions of Heart of Darkness Seymour Chatman
  • A Conrad filmography Gene M. Moore
  • A Conrad film bibliography Gene M. Moore
  • Index.

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