Signs of the zodiac : a reference guide to historical, mythological, and cultural associations


Signs of the zodiac : a reference guide to historical, mythological, and cultural associations

Mary Ellen Snodgrass ; illustrated by Raymond Miller Barrett, Jr.

Greenwood Press, 1997

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Includes bibliographical references (p. [225]-232) and index



The zodiacal signs impact art, advertising, literature, history, mythology, psychology, health, and language with their evocative imagery, symbols and scientific and religious lore. This fact-filled reference guide pulls together applications of the zodiacal signs in those fields and others. Each sign is explicated in a separate chapter which discusses its origin and importance in diverse cultures, including its history, artistic applications, traditions, literary and religious interpretations, psychological significance, and application to notable historical and contemporary figures. An organized overview with cross-references and indexing allows the zodiac to be studied from numerous points of view. Artistic representations of each of the 12 houses accompany the text. Introductory chapters on the origins of the zodiacal signs, the historical foundation of astrology, the zodiac in the first millennium A.D., and the zodiac in the arts and sciences provide a thorough overview and comparative examination of the influence of the zodiac in human history and thought. A detailed timeline synchronizes discoveries and development of zodiacal associations and thought around the world. Appendices list planetary correspondences in jewels, metals, herbs, color, flavor, form, shapes, food preferences, and senses, and the symptoms and pathologies associated with birth signs. The work also contains an extensive bibliography and index.


Preface Introduction The Zodiac The Historical Foundation of Astrology The Zodiac from the First to the Twentieth Century The Zodiac in the Arts and Sciences Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces Appendix I: A Time Line of Developments in Zodiacal Study Appendix II: A Comparative Chart of Elements of the Constellations Appendix III: Geographical Areas Linked with Sun Signs Appendix IV: Planetary Correspondences Appendix V: Zodiacal Pathology Bibliography Index

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