Recollections of trauma : scientific evidence and clinical practice


Recollections of trauma : scientific evidence and clinical practice

edited by J. Don Read and D. Stephen Lindsay

(NATO ASI series, Series A, Life sciences ; v. 291)

Plenum Press, c1997

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Includes bibliographical references and index



While alleged recovered memories of childhood sexual abuse may not emerge as the primary psychological issue of the 1990s as Read (U. of Lethbridge; Alberta, Canada) and Lindsay (U. of Wales and U. of Victoria, Canada) predict, it is clearly a sensitive focus of escalating statistics, politicization


  • Preface. Primary Lectures: Increasing Sensitivity
  • D.S. Lindsay. An Integrated Approach to Treating Adults Abused as Children with Specific Reference to Self-Reported Recovered Memories
  • J. Briere. 11 Additional Lectures. Brief Papers: Gender and Recall of Child Sexual Abuse: A Prospective Study
  • L.M. Williams, V.L. Banyard. A Cognitive Corroborative Case Study Approach for Investigating Discovered Memories of Sexual Abuse
  • J.W. Schooler, et al. 13 Additional Papers. Legal Panel: The Role of Legal Rules in Recollections of Trauma: An Overview and Introduction to the Legal Panel
  • D.W. Shuman. Framing the Question of the Admissibility of Expert Testimony about Recollections of Trauma in the United States
  • D.W. Shuman. 4 Additional Articles. Reports of Working Groups: Agenda for Research: Clinical Approaches to Recollections of Trauma
  • L. Berliner, J. McDougall. Investigating Alternative Accounts of Veridical and Non-Veridical Memories of Trauma
  • J.W. Schooler, I.E. Hyman, Jr. 2 Additional Reports. Poster Abstracts: Secondary Traumatization: A Preliminary Study of Therapists Working in the Field of Trauma
  • M. Arvay. Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) Stories as Recovered Memories
  • B. Beit-Hallahmi. 56 Additional Poster Abstracts. Index.

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