Handbook of condition monitoring : techniques and methodology


Handbook of condition monitoring : techniques and methodology

by A. Davies (ed.)

Chapman & Hall, c1998

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In today's competitive climate the economies of production have become a critical factor for all manufacturing companies. For this reason, achieving cost-effective plant maintenance is highly important. In this context monitoring plays a vital role. The purpose of this book is to inform readers about techniques currently available in the field of condition monitoring, and the methodology used in their application. With contributions from experts throughout the world, the Handbook of Condition Monitoring addresses the four major technique areas in condition monitoring in addition to the latest developments in condition monitoring research. Significantly, the Handbook of Condition Monitoring includes the following features: comprehensive coverage of the full range of techniques and methodologies accepted knowledge and new developments both technical and managerial content. This is the essential reference book for maintenance technicians, engineers, managers and researchers as well as graduate students involved in manufacturing and mechanical engineering, and condition monitoring.


  • Preface. Part One: Introduction to Condition Monitoring. 1. Condition monitoring and the integrity of industrial systems
  • B.K.N. Rao. 2. Condition based maintenance
  • R.K. Mobley. Part Two: Techniques for Visual Inspection. 3. Visual inspection systems
  • A. Davies. 4. Thermal monitoring using infrared thermography
  • D.A.G. Dibley. 5. Surface and internal defect detection
  • G. Hands, T. Armitt. 6. Commercial applications of visual monitoring
  • A. Davies. Part Three: Techniques for Performance Monitoring. 7. System quantity/quality assessment - the quasi-steady state monitoring of inputs and outputs
  • R.A. Heron. 8. System input/output monitoring
  • A. Davies, J.H. Williams. 9. System monitoring and the use of models
  • J.H. Williams. 10. Commercial applications of performance monitoring
  • A. Davies, K.F. Martin, P. Thorpe. Part Four: Techniques for Vibration Monitoring. 11. Review of fundamental vibration theory
  • D. Gardiner. 12. Common vibration monitoring techniques
  • J. Mathew. 13. Fundamentals of vibroacoustical condition monitoring
  • C. Cempel. 14. Commercial applications of vibration monitoring
  • P. Shrieve, J. Hill. 15. Detection and diagnosis of wear through oil and wear debris analysis
  • B.J. Roylance, M.H. Jones, A.L. Price. 16. Wear particle collection and evaluation
  • A. Davies. 17. Lubricant analysis as a condition monitoring technique
  • N.H. Riley. 18. Commercial applications of wear debris analysis
  • A. Davies, P.R. Drake. Part Six: Adopting a Condition-Based Maintenance Strategy. 19. Financial implications and cost justification
  • G. Eade. 20. Technique selection and implementation in condition monitoring
  • P.R. Drake. 21. Pitfalls, benefits and collective wisdom
  • R. Jones. Part Seven: Research and Development in Condition Monitoring. 22. Knowledge-based systems for condition monitoring
  • R. Milne. 23. Future developments in condition monitoring techniques and systems
  • A. Davies, P.W. Prickett, R.I. Grosvenor. Index.

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