Thinking about children



Thinking about children

D.W. Winnicott ; edited by Ray Shepherd, Jennifer Johns, Helen Taylor Robinson ; bibliography compiled by Harry Karnac

Addison-Wesley Pub., 1997, c1996

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"A Merloyd Lawrence book."

Bibliography: p. 291-328

Includes index



0-8133-1027-X the Soviet Nationality Reader : the Disintegration in Context


  • Part 1 Observation, intuition, and empathy: towards an objective study of human nature
  • yes, but how do we know it's true? Part 2 Early infant development: primary introduction to external reality - the early stages
  • environmental needs
  • the early stages
  • total dependence and essential independence. Part 3 The family: the bearing of emotional development on feeding problems
  • sleep refusal in children
  • the effect of loss on the young
  • out of the mouths of adolescents
  • the delinquent and habitual offender
  • a clinical approach to family problems - the family. Part 4 Starting school: mental hygiene of the pre-school child
  • the teacher, the parent, and the doctor. Part 5 Case studies and observations: a clinical example of symptomatology
  • notes on a little boy
  • the niffle. Part 6 Adoption: two adopted children
  • pitfalls in adoption
  • adopted children in adolescence. Part 7 Psychosomatic problems: contribution to a discussion on enuresis
  • papular urticaria and the dynamics of skin sensation
  • short communication on enuresis
  • child psychiatry - the body as affected by psychological factors
  • on cardiac neurosis in children. Part 8 Autism and schizophrenia: three reviews of books on autism
  • autism
  • the aetiology of infantile schizophrenia in terms of adaptive failure. Part 9 Professional care of the growing child: training for child psychiatry - the paediatric department of psychology
  • notes on the time factor in treatment
  • the association for child psychology and psychiatry observed as a group phenomenon
  • a link between paediatrics and child psychology - clinical observations
  • child psychiatry, social work, and alternative care.

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