Running as therapy : an integrated approach


Running as therapy : an integrated approach

edited by Michael L. Sachs and Gary W. Buffone

(The master work series)

Jason Aronson, 1997

1st softcover ed

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Previously published: Lincoln, Neb. : University of Nebraska, 1984

Includes bibliographical references (p. [321]-333) and index



Now in paperback, "Running as Therapy: An Integrated Approach" examines both the psychology of running and the use of running as a mode of psychotherapy. Sixteen authors, including psychologists, psychiatrists and professors of physical education, provide research and clinical examples to show what can and cannot be expected of running as therapy. This book addresses running as therapy in an organized, systematic and thorough fashion. The authors outline specific programmes that can be prescribed and discuss how different approaches can be applied to different groups (such as women or children) and different problems (like depression and anxiety). The book is directed to practitioners who want to know why, how and when to use this therapeutic technique and to researchers who want to know how the effectiveness of the therapy has been measured and what results have been obtained. It is written so as to be accessible to the many men and women who run for health and pleasure. The authors also explore important topics in the psychology of running, of interest to runners and therapists alike: addiction to running, the personality of the runner, the "runner's high", and cognitive strategies used during running. The book is a state-of-the-art presentation of what running can do to alleviate psychological distress and remove troublesome symptoms such as headaches and fatigue. It presents a form of therapy that, if guided by professional help, can be an effective and inexpensive alternative to analysis or drugs.

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