Negotiation skills in the workplace : a practical handbook


    • Cairns, Larry


Negotiation skills in the workplace : a practical handbook

Larry Cairns

Pluto, 1996

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More and more people are now involved in negotiations at all levels in workplaces around the world. Clear and accessible, this invaluable handbook provides sound guidelines for all individuals and group representatives engaged in negotiating with management or colleagues. Using case studies to illustrate each stage, Larry Cairns offers practical advice on every aspect of the negotiating process, from basic concepts through to closing and editing the deal, including; Planning and preparing for negotiations,resolving intra-group conflict, across-the-table negotiations, power and attitude in negotiations, negotiators and the law, implementing the deal.


  • Introduction 1. What are Negotiations 2. Attitudes in Negotiation 3. Resolving Intra-Group Conflict 4. Power in Negotiations 5. Planning for Negotiations: The Negotiating Team
  • Are we in a Negotiating Position? 6. Preparing for Negotiations: Setting Objectives - Reconciling Priorities 7. Across-the-Table Negotiations: Setting the Tone and Climate
  • The face-to-face Meeting
  • Presentation-Responses-Tactics
  • The Argument Stage - Achieving Fluidity
  • What is an Offer
  • Summarising
  • Adjournments
  • Deadlines 8. Closing Negotiations: The Predicament of Failure to agree 9. Editing, Ratifying and Implementing the Deal 10. Venues - Facilities - Time and Communications 11. Negotiators and the Law 12. Conclusions Appendices Acknowledgements Further reading Index

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