Red cell transfusion : a practical guide


Red cell transfusion : a practical guide

edited by Marion E. Reid and Sandra J. Nance

(Contemporary hematology)

Humana Press, c1998


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Includes bibliographical references and index



Authoritative experts in transfusion medicine describe in critical detail the most important procedures for obtaining, selecting, and transfusing red blood cells to patients. The topics covered include such key issues as transfusion problems in the immunocompromised, the complications of autoantibodies, transfusion of infants with hemolytic disease, difficulties arising from solid organ transplantation, stem cell transfusions, and the challenges of massive transfusion. Also discussed are the use, limitations, and alternatives to autogeneic cells; long-term red cell transfusion; the management of adverse reactions to red cell transfusions; and the question of blood group antigens and their association with disease and differential diagnosis. The book offers transfusion specialists fresh insights and information to maximize and extend their current knowledge.


From Donor to Patient, Sandra J. Nance. Overview of Immunology, Nancy M. Heddle. Compatibility Testing For Red Blood Cell Components: Approaches and Limitations, Kathleen Sazama. Transfusion in the Face of Autoantibodies, Steven R. Sloan and Leslie E. Silberstein. Red Blood Cell Transfusion of the Immunocompromised Patient, Christopher P. Stowell. Red Blood Cell Transfusions for Selected Neonatal and Pediatric Patients, Elaine K. Jeter and Mary Ann Spivey. Transfusion Support in Solid-Organ Transplantation, Darrell J. Triulzi. Hematopoietic Stem Cell Processing and Transplantation, Patricia L. Kotula, Ellen M. Areman, and Ronald A. Sacher. Massive Transfusion, Richard K. Spence. Autogeneic and Directed Blood Transfusions, Pearl T. C. Y. Toy. Triggers for the Transfusion of Red Cells, William C. Sherwood. Chronic Transfusion Support, Karen E. King and Paul M. Ness. Modern Approaches To The Diagnosis and Management of Red Cell Transfusion Reactions, Patricia M. Kopko and Dennis Goldfinger. Clinical and Laboratory Impact of Blood Group Antigens and Antibodies, Beat M. Frey and Marion E. Reid. Index.

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