War in the blood : sex, politics and AIDS in Southeast Asia


War in the blood : sex, politics and AIDS in Southeast Asia

Chris Beyrer

White Lotus , Zed Books, 1998

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Bibliography: p. 225-237

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This engaging and vivid book investigates the course of the HIV epidemic in seven countries of Southeast Asia: Thailand, Burma, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Vietnam and China's Yunnan Province. Emphasizing the impact of the cultural and political landscapes of these countries on the progress of the disease, the book is the product of both working and travelling in the area. Not merely a commentary on obfuscating government statistics, the author draws upon his encounters with people dealing with the effects of the epidemic and opponents of the regimes of the countries he describes. The epidemic is seen as being vitally linked to the general condition of human rights in the societies. Both passionate and well-informed, this book is a labour of love that discusses the HIV epidemic while giving an intimate, and ultimately celebratory account of South East Asia and asserting the real possibility for affirmative action.


1. Introduction 2. Thailand: The Descending Bhudda, Thailand Now 3. Burma: Being in Myanmar, Going to Burma 4. Cambodia: AIDS and the Torn Society 5. Laos PDR: Travels in the Cold War 6. Malaysia: Ethnicity, Activism and AIDS 7. Vietnam: The Thai Model in Action 8. Yunnan: China's Southeast Asia 9. Women: Wvies, Mothers, Daughters 10. The Flesh Trade: Prostitution and Trafficking in ASEAN 11. Military Studies 12. Chasing the Dragon: Heroin and AIDS 13. Tribes: The Virus that Kills the Gods 14. Other Genders: Katoeys, Waria, Hinjras, Toms and Dees 15. Chaai Chuay Chaai: Men Helping Men 16. Prisons and Prisoners 17. The Media 18. Activists 19. Drugs Wars and the War on Drugs 20. Medical Ethics, Human Rights, Asian Values 21. Democracy, Empowerment, and Health 22. Conclusion: Condoms or Landmines

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