Automated manufacturing systems : actuators, controls, sensors, and robotics


    • Morriss, S. Brian


Automated manufacturing systems : actuators, controls, sensors, and robotics

S. Brian Morriss

Glencoe, c1995

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This introductory text, which requires no prerequisites examines the components used in automated systems. It provides a balanced coverage of sensors, actuators, controllers and control theory and discusses some special-purpose automation components, automation systems and automation concepts. The text is unique in its clear, complete coverage of servosystems. Content is divided into four parts. Part one examines typical automated cellworks and includes a discussion of closed loop control and an introduction to the CIM environment. Part two explains the operation of simple actuators and sensors. Electric motors and vision systems are treated in separate chapters. Part three, which addresses automated control, discusses digital computers and programmable controllers. Chapters in the final section examine typical workcells, flexible manufacturing systems and the economic justification for automated systems.


  • Part 1 Introduction to automation: automate, emigrate, legislate or evaporate
  • the environment for automation
  • control of automation/process control
  • components in automation
  • interfacing and signal conditioning. Part 2 Actuators: light and heat
  • piezoelectric force generators
  • solenoids and torque motors
  • air-power actuators and solenoid-actuated valves
  • hydraulic actuators and valves
  • conveyors, feeders and indexing tables
  • power transmission components
  • special purpose actuator systems. Part 3 Motors: the history of electric motors
  • construction of electric motors
  • theory of operation of electric motors
  • types of electric motors
  • control of motors. Part 4 Sensors: quality of sensors
  • switches and transducers
  • position sensors
  • velocity and acceleration sensors
  • special purpose sensor systems. Part 5 Vision: simple vision systems
  • the components of a vision system. Part 6 Servosystems: closed loop control systems - a simple block diagram and example explained
  • servosystem analysis
  • the response of servosystems
  • the controller and the controlled system
  • other control configurations
  • digital controllers. Part 7 Controllers - digital computers and analog devices: levels of control and major components
  • digital computers
  • the heart of automated control
  • other control components
  • analog controllers. Part 8 Robots: robots and near-robots
  • robot geometrics
  • robot power sources
  • components of a complete robot
  • levels of sophistication. Part 9 The automated workcell and its future: the workcell - an example
  • islands of automation
  • flexible manufacturing systems
  • computer integrated manufacturing. Part 10 Automation - when?, how? and other non-technical issues: when to automate
  • an organizational approach to automation
  • safety considerations
  • cost justification for automation
  • social effects of automation.

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