Sea-mark : the metaphorical voyage, Spenser to Milton


Sea-mark : the metaphorical voyage, Spenser to Milton

Philip Edwards

(Liverpool English texts and studies / general editor, Philip Edwards)

Liverpool University Press, 1997

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 217-221) and index



An original study of the use made by a number of major writers in sixteenth- and seventeenth-century England of the metaphor of the voyage, showing how powerfully it operated, and how fundamental it is for our proper understanding of some of the best-known works of Renaissance literature.


Preface Introduction I. 1. Spenser: `Who fares on sea may not commaund his way' 2. Marlowe: `Ransacke the Ocean for orient pearle' 3. Donne: `Is the Pacifique Sea my home?' II. 4. Shakespeare (I): Othello: `Verie Sea-marke of my utmost Saile' 5. Shakespeare (II): Macbeth: `And swallow Navigation up' 6. Shakespeare (III): Comedies and Romances: `Not so much perdition as an hayre' III. 7. Bacon: `The Art it selfe of Invention and Discoverie' 8. Milton: `That fatall and perfidious Bark' Conclusion References Index

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