Tourism and sustainability : principles to practice


Tourism and sustainability : principles to practice

edited by M.J. Stabler

CAB International, c1997


Tourism & sustainability

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Includes bibliographical references and index



Tourism is at the forefront of the debate on development versus sustainability. The challenge facing the industry is how to translate principles into practice and to attain a balance between the objectives of tourism development and the long-term conservation of physical, ecological and sociocultural environments. This book addresses these issues, particularly from economic, ethical and environmental perspectives. It has been developed from selected papers presented at a conference held at Newton Rigg College, Cumbria, UK, in April 1996. It is divided into four parts, addressing: concepts, theories and methodological issues; the tourism industry's promotion of sustainable tourism; minimising environmental impact by means of alternative forms of tourism; and policy implications. The book includes a wide range of case studies and destinations where tourism is rapidly developing in fragile environments, including Belize, Crete, Goa, the English Lake District, Madagascar, Malaysia, the Seychelles and Spain. It represents important reading for both undergraduate and postgraduate students, research workers and tourism industry practitioners, whether from the standpoint of geography, sociology, economics, management and marketing or planning.


1: An Overview of the Sustainable Tourism Debate and the Scope and Content of the Book, M J Stabler Part 1: A Critical Appraisal of the Sustainability Concept: Some Theoretical and Methodological Issues 2: Sustainable development or development? J Butcher 3: Here we go, Here we go, Here we go, Eco, B Wheeller 4: Sustainable Tourism: Towards a Methodology for Implementing the Concept, A Fyall and B Garrod 5: Sustainable Tourism and the Local Economy, W Slee, H Farr and P Snowdon 6: Redefining Sustainability: a Structural Approach to Sustainable Tourism, J House Part 2: The Tourism Industry's Response to Sustainability Principles 7: Sustainable Tourism: Industry Responses and Industry Opportunities, B Eaton 8: Sustainability and Tourism Marketing: Competitive or Complementary? A Tregear, F McLeay and A Moxey 9: Sustainable Tourism: a Marketing Perspective, V Middleton 10: The Importance of Community Involvement in Sustainable Tourism Development, P Harper 11: Wordsworth, Sustainable Tourism and the Private Sector, T McCormick 12: Tropical Forest Ecotourism: Two Promising Projects in Belize, J M Edington and A Edington Part 3: Minimizing the Environmental Impact: Alternative Forms of Tourism 13: Strategies for Sustainability: Lessons from Goa and the Seychelles, D Wilson 14: The Evolution of Small-scale Tourism Development in Malaysia: Problems, Opportunities and Implications on Sustainability, A Hamzah 15: Anthropologists, Local Communities and a Sustainable Tourism Development, S Cole 16: Sustainability and the Consumption of Tourism, R Sharpley and J Sharpley 17: Tourism and Social Responsibility: a Philosophical Dream or Achievable Reality, M Ireland 18: Practical Approaches to Sustainability: a Spanish Perspective, P A Hunter-Jones, H L Hughes, I W Eastwood and A A Morrison Part 4: Policy Perspectives on Sustainable Tourism 19: Principles Influencing the Determination of Environmental Standards for Sustainable Tourism, B Goodall and M J Stabler 20: The Effectiveness of Sustainable Tourism Policies in Scotland, R Maclellan 21: The Community Show: a Mythology of Resident Responsive Tourism, G Taylor and D Davis 22: The Relationship between Tourism and the Environment in Crete, E Prinianaki-Tzorakoleftheraki 23: Tourism and the Environment in Madagascar, J Parsler 24: The Sustainability of Ecotourism, R Burton

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