Hamilton & Hardy's industrial toxicology


Hamilton & Hardy's industrial toxicology

Mosby, c1998

5th ed. / [edited by] Raymond D. Harbison


Hamilton and Hardy's industrial toxicology

Industrial toxicology

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Rev. ed. of: Hamilton and Hardy's industrial toxicology. 4th ed. 1983

Includes bibliographical references and index



"Hamilton and Hardy's Industrial Toxicology" has a long history as a leader in the area. Editions were published in 1929, 1949, 1974, and 1984. A new edition is long overdue and the rights to work on the newest edition have been held by Mosby, despite attempts by other publishers to acquire it. Industrial toxicology is an applied science that seeks to define industrial chemicals, leads, gases, dusts and wastes; establish sound usage principles and limits; show how toxins are detected, what their effects are; and identify the various methods for prevention, treatment and management of the conditions they produce. It is a subset of the larger area of occupational, industrial, and environmental toxicology, as it seeks only to deal with what is found in what we usually call heavy industry, or corporations that are manufacturing-based. Both the proliferation of chemical uses and their effects, as well as the correlation of toxins and the workplace make Industrial Toxicology a high-growth field. The study of toxicologic exposures in industry forms the core of OEM. The health effects of human contact with industrial chemicals, leads, gases, dusts, and waste have been the major emphasis of the specialty and an important consideration for the corporations who must provide for the safety and health of their employees. Hamilton and Hardy denotes a strong tie to the acknowledged founders of modern American occupational medicine literature. Several unique features separate this book from the competition and endear it to generations of readers. The clinical, almost conversational, tone is much like the book has always been, echoing the teachings of Hamilton and Hardy. The book also has a clearly defined purpose, providing a great deal of critical toxicologic information in a well-organized, moderate, and accessible format. Strategically, the titles name recognition gives Mosby credibility in both areas of OEM and applied toxicology. Joining the "Greenberg, Hamilton, Phillips: Occupational, Industrial, and Environmental Toxicology" (#26883, pub 5/5/97), this core discipline is staked as Mosby Country. Greenberg provides an occupation known organization, addressing the larger field of occupational, industrial, and environmental toxicology. Harbison uses the successful agent known format, with an A-Z listing of the subset field--industrial toxicology.

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