The nutrition desk reference


The nutrition desk reference

Robert H. Garrison, Jr., Elizabeth Somer

Keats, c1995

3rd ed

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Includes bibliographical references and index



"One of the best health reference books". -- Library Journal -- Combines nutrition basics with the most up-to-date research for both healthcare professionals and the general publicThe Nutrition Desk Reference is a vital resource for the many people discovering that managing their health is both more effective and more affordable than relying on the medical industry to cure avoidable illnesses. Now in a more affordable paperback edition, this is the only book of its kind to offer nutrition basics and current research that is applicable both for healthcare professionals and laypersons. It provides all the tools individuals need to apply nutrition guidelines toward preventing illness and maintaining their own health. Free of in-depth biochemical explanations -- yet not oversimplified and vague like many introductory nutrition books -- this unparalleled reference provides an introduction to the fundamentals of nutrition by relating them specifically to the two biggest modern-day killers: cancer and cardiovascular disease. Primary risk factors and preventive measures are outlined for these and 26 other conditions, including everything from AIDS to emotional disorders, Alzheimer's to PMS. This fully referenced, one-volume library reviews, in simple terms, recent findings such as antioxidants and their major role in disease prevention, and a remarkable new category of nutrients, the phytochemicals.

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