Sheehy's emergency nursing : principles and practice



Sheehy's emergency nursing : principles and practice

Mosby, c1998

4th ed. / edited by Lorene Newberry


Emergency nursing


Emergency nursing

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Rev. ed. of: Emergency nursing : principles and practice / edited by Susan Budassi Sheehy. 3rd ed. 1992

Includes bibliographical references and index



This edition has been expanded and significantly revised to meet the changing face of emergency nursing practice. Eleven new chapters address a variety of topics, such as cultural dimensions, case management, emergency department trauma management, elder trauma, obstetric trauma, mechanisms of injury, fluids and electrolytes, domestic violence, elder abuse, substance abuse, and sexual assault. Chapter formats have been expanded so that anatomy, physiology, and patient assessment are addressed in each clinical chapter. Nursing diagnoses are highlighted at the end of each clinical chapter, and additional photos, illustrations, and tables are included throughout the text. Features: * Includes comprehensive discussion of all areas of emergency practice to comprise a thorough resource. * Provides extensive, clinically useful tables of pharmacologic agents and other reference material. * Includes over 500 illustrations to enhance the written content. * Written by contributors from a broad range of experience and clinical practice to provide clinically accurate theoretical and conceptual content as well as common sense information for patient care. New to this edition: * Presents a new organization, comprising six sections--foundations of emergency nursing, professional practice, clinical foundations of emergency nursing, major trauma emergencies, medical and surgical emergencies, and special patient situations--to provide easy access to important content. * Includes anatomy and physiology content for each clinical chapter to facilitate understanding of clinical material and reinforce concepts on which patient assessment is based. * Provides new chapters on cultural dimensions, case management, emergency department trauma management, elder trauma, obstetric trauma, mechanism of injury, fluids and electrolytes, domestic violence, elder abuse, and sexual assault to provide comprehensively and timely content on the most important issues in emergency nursing today. * Highlights priority nursing diagnoses in boxes for each clinical chapter to emphasize key components of care.


Unit I: Foundations of Emergency Nursing. Overview of Emergency Nursing. Emergency Nursing Process and Nursing Diagnosis. Emergency Nursing Certification. Legal and Regulatory Constructs. Cultural Dimensions. Unit II: Professional Practice. Emergency Department Management. Patient Education. Quality Improvement. Case Management. Research. Unit III: Clinical Foundations of Emergency Nursing. Triage. Patient Assessment. Air and Ground Transport. Vascular Access and Fluid Replacement. Laboratory Specimen Collection. Pain Management. Wound Management. Emergency Operations Preparedness. Tissue and Organ Donation. Unit IV: Major Trauma Emergencies. Emergency Department Trauma Management. Epidemiology of Trauma. Mechanisms of Injury. Head Trauma. Spinal Trauma. Thoracic Trauma. Gastrointestinal Trauma. Renal and Genitourinary Trauma. Orthopedic and Neurovascular Trauma. Burns. Maxillofacial Trauma. Pediatric Trauma. Elder Trauma. Obstetric Trauma. Unit V: Medical and Surgical Emergencies. Respiratory Emergencies. Cardiovascular Emergencies. Shock Emergencies. Neurologic Emergencies. Gastrointestinal Emergencies. Renal and Genitourinary Emergencies. Fluids and Electrolytes. Endocrine Emergencies. Infectious and Communicable Diseases. Environmental Emergencies. Hematologic Emergencies. Toxicologic Emergencies. Gynecologic Emergencies. Dental, Ear, Nose, And Throat Emergencies. Ocular Emergencies. Unit VI: Special Patient Situations. Obstetric Emergencies. Pediatric Emergencies. Child Abuse and Neglect. Domestic Violence. Elder Abuse and Neglect. Mental Health Emergencies. Substance Abuse. Sexual Assault.

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