A matter of discourse : community and communication in contemporary philosophies


    • Nascimento, Amós


A matter of discourse : community and communication in contemporary philosophies

edited by Amós Nascimento

(Avebury series in philosophy)

Ashgate, c1998

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Includes bibliographical references and index



The emphasis upon difference, plurality and multiculturalism has led to an outpouring of information that has been interpreted by theories such as pragmatism, communitarianism, feminism, postmodern discourse and liberation ethics. Having the conception of communication in discourse theory as point of departure, scholars of distinct philosophical backgrounds move in and out of different contexts to offer a first-hand and in-depth account of the above positions in their dialogue with discourse theory, by establishing a web. This book seeks to show that pluralism and multiculturalism are to be found with philosophy itself.


  • Part 1 Communities, contexts and challenges to discourse theory: the fact of pluralism and the multicultural quest for community, Amos Nascimento
  • which person? whose community? on the controversy between liberalism and communitarianism, Rainer Forst. Part 2 Plurality and cognitivism in light of Anglo American pragmatism: pluralism and universalism in discourses ethics, Christina Lafont
  • are moral concerns irreducible to ethical concerns? Habermas and the cognitive content of morality, Wilson Mendoca. Part 3 The postmodern discourse on the other in the French context: Lyotard's conception of conflicting claims to validity and its insufficient Kantianism, Dietmar Koveker
  • the limits of solidarity - discourse ethics, Levinas and the moral point of view, Max Pensky. Part 4 the concrete other as subject in feminist perspective: toward a model of self-identity - Habermas and Kristeva, Allison Weir
  • subjectivity in process - Kristeva, discourse theory and the trials of psychoanalysis, Marianna Papastephanou. Part 5 Liberation, globalization and the Latin American context: discourse and liberation - the claims and contexts of two types of universalist ethics, Hans Schelkshorn
  • modernity and postmodernity as challenges to discourse ethics - an ethics of planetary co-responsibility in an age of suspect foundationalism and rhetorical relativism, Eduardo Mendieta.

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