The body and psychology


The body and psychology

edited by Henderikus J. Stam

SAGE, 1998

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The body has come to provide a central site for theory and debate from social theory to cultural studies. This important and compelling book looks beyond psychology's traditional biological body to explore what insights can be gained from recent theories of embodiment. Taking the body as inscribed by social and disciplinary practices, leading contributors explore a wide range of psychological topics in new and challenging ways. Questions surrounding health, gender, history and culture are addressed in contexts such as the psychology of pain, the treatment of anorexia nervosa, and psychology's relationship to transgender activists. The material in this volume was previously published as a Special Issue of the journal Theory & Psychology.


PART ONE: INTRODUCTION The Body's Psychology and Psychology's Body - Henderikus J Stam Disciplinary and Extra-Disciplinary Examinations PART TWO: SOCIAL AND PSYCHOLOGICAL BODIES Displays and Fragments - Alan Radley Embodiment and the Configuration of Social Worlds Establishing Embodiment in Psychology - Edward E Sampson Mind as Body Moving in Space - Harry J G Kempen Bringing the Body Back into Self-Psychology PART THREE: SEXED AND GENDERED BODIES `Loving the Computer' - Elizabeth A Wilson Cognition, Embodiment and the Influencing Machine Feminism, Psychology and Matters of the Body - Betty M Bayer and Kareen Ror Malone Situated Knowledges of Personal Embodiment - Mary Brown Parlee Transgender Activists' and Psychological Theorists' Perspectives on `Sex' and `Gender' Habitus - Caterina Pizanias From the Inside Out and the Outside In PART FOUR: SICK AND HEALING BODIES The Body as a Selfing Device - Cor Baerveldt and Paul Voestermans The Case of Anorexia Nervosa The Psychology and Management of Pain - Robert Kugelmann Gate Control as Theory and Symbol From Dysappearance to Hyperappearance - Arthur W Frank Sliding Boundaries of Illness and Bodies

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