The beginnings of Texas, 1684-1718


    • Clark, Robert Carlton
    • Bolton, Herbert Eugene


The beginnings of Texas, 1684-1718

by Robert Carlton Clark ; with the addition of Notes on Clark's "The beginnings of Texas" by Herbert E. Bolton ; and Letter of Fray Damian Massanet to Don Carlos de Siguenza on the discovery of the Bay of Espiritu Santo

(Perspectives in American history, no. 25)(Humanistic series, no. 6)

Porcupine Press, 1976

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Reprint of the 1907 ed. which was issued as no. 98 of the Bulletin of the University of Texas, Humanistic series no. 6; with additions reprinted from the Quarterly of the Texas State Historical Association, v. 12, p. 148-158, and v. 2, p. 281-312, respectively

Includes bibliographical references

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