Vasari's Florence : artists and literati at the Medicean Court


Vasari's Florence : artists and literati at the Medicean Court

edited by Philip Jacks

Cambridge University Press, 1998

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Bibliography: p. 305-313

Includes index



Vasari's Florence explores the multi-faceted career of Giorgio Vasari - painter, architect, artistic impresario, collector and author of Lives of the Most Excellent Painters, Sculptors and Architects, a text that stands at the foundation of art historical writing up to the present. The essays in this volume examine Vasari's working relationship with his advisor, Vincenzo Borghini, from the decoration of the Palazzo Vecchio and the Sala Regia at the Vatican, to the master's last and greatest challenge, the Cupola of Florence cathedral. Also offered are new insights into Vasari's writings - how Vasari constructed the Lives of his contemporaries to suit his objectives as an artist in his own right, and how his views have conditioned our understanding of Renaissance art. Drawing on recently discovered documentary sources from the Vasari family archive, Vasari's Florence puts into new perspective the historiographical and artistic achievements of this pivotal Renaissance artist.


  • Part I. The Biographical Genre: Giorgio Vasari and the paragons of art John Shearman
  • The trick of art Paul Barolsky
  • Representation misrepresentation and non-representation: Vasari and his competitors Elizabeth Pilliod
  • Part II. Artists and Literati at Court: Sprezzatura patronage and fate: Benvenuto Cellini and the world of words Paulo L. Rossi
  • Vasari on the practical David Cast
  • Part III. Vasari Collezionista: The Formation of an Artist and Connoisseur: Modes and models in Vasari's early drawing oeuvre Florian Harb
  • Vasari's attitude toward collecting Catherine Monbeig Goguel
  • The Vasari art collection Creighton Gilbert
  • Giorgio Vasari's collection of paintings: its provenance and its fate Alessandro Cecchi
  • Part IV. Istoria and the Representation of History: The Sala Grande in the Palazzo Vecchio and the precedence controversy between Florence and Ferrara Robert Williams
  • Vasari's painting of the Terzo Cerchio in the Palazzo Vecchio: a reconstruction of Medieval Florence Rick Scorza
  • Circles of sovereignty: the Tondi of the Sala Grande in the Palazzo Vecchio and the Medici Crown Henk Th. Van Veen
  • Papal history and historical Invenzione: Vasari's frescoes in the Sala Regia Jan L. De Jong
  • Vasari's last paintings: the cupola of Florence cathedral Cristina Acidini Luchinat.

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